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Council Prioritizes Four Transformative Projects

City of Greater Sudbury Council tonight prioritized four transformative large projects brought forward by community members. At a November 27 meeting of Council, sixteen bold, innovative projects were presented to Council and the community. Each project was then reviewed by Economic Development staff, and the analysis as well as potential next steps related to each were presented to Council earlier in April.
The four projects chosen to be prioritized by Council include:
1. Art Gallery of Sudbury/New Main Library
2. An event centre
3. Place des arts
4. Synergy Centre
“All projects that were presented to Council and community demonstrated the resourcefulness, boldness, innovation, and creativity that are so abundant in our city,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “Council has chosen four of those projects to prioritize – but we are excited about the potential of every one of the sixteen and look forward to seeing them move forward in their own way.”
The projects presented to Council were required to have a significant and lasting economic impact, align with the strategic pillars of Council, enhance civic engagement and build social capital. Organizations were also required to be seeking municipal funding through the budget project in 2016 or 2017.

Council directed staff to pursue next steps related to each of the four projects that have been prioritized. The report detailing next steps for the sixteen projects, including the four chosen for prioritization for Council, can be found:

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Randy Crisp

4/27/2016 9:40 AM

Support Event Centre including new arena project on Kingsway

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